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Plagiarism . . . Has someone copied material from your website?

Here's my "never-fail" way to find out when someone has plagiarized my material and the easy way I use to make them remove the copied material in a heartbeat.

The world is full of sleaze balls that think nothing of copying the information from your website. Violating copyright rules means nothing to them.

Search Google for a unique phrase that is included in your website that is not likely to be on any other websites. Be sure to include the phrase in quotes. Your site should be the only one to show up for the phrase. You may want to try this with two or three phrases just to be sure.

I did this recently and found that someone had copied material from one of my websites word for word. Below is the email message I send to him about 10 p.m. that night. I have also included the message I got back from him about the next day.

Here's the message I sent:

Subject: Your website is plagiarizing - STOP IMMEDIATELY

Maybe you are not aware of it (maybe you hired a copywriter to design your site, w w w.His, is a word-for-word copy of a LARGE part of several pages of my site, w w w.My (Notice that I used spaces in the URLs here so they wouldn't be actual links.)

However it happened, please take the pages down within 3 days or I will contact my attorney.

If you have questions, you can call me at (my phone number) or email me at the address below.


Jerry Minchey

My email address

Here is the email message I received back from him the next day.

"Ok, I will notify my manager immediately. I apologize for the inconvenience to you."


The material in his website was removed the next day. Notice that I gave him a face-saving way to resolve the problem and a time limit. This short email message has always worked for me.

I recommend you check a few phrases on your websites each week to see if anyone is coping your material. You may be amazed at what you find.

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