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Are your web pages focused?
By Jerry Minchey

Every web page should be focused on only one topic. A web page can't cover everything -- not even your Home page should try to cover everything on the site.

In addition to being focused, it should also be clear to visitors what that page is all about and what questions it answers.

Some websites are trying to cover too many topics because new ideas are added over time. Other times the problem stems from not enough time and thought being put into the original design of the site.

People tend to put a lot of time, thought and money in the graphics, look an design and not nearly enough into the focus, topic and content of the site.

Go back and take a new look at your site. Also, have several people who have never seen your site to look at your site and tell you what the site is actually about.

Don't just ask them what they think of the site. I'm sure they will tell you that it looks nice or it's impressive, etc. But can they tell you what the site is really about.

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