Search Engine marketing and optimization techniques for Google and other search engines. Tools and techniques to achieve high rankings for beginners and pros.
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Beginners and Pros - Learn the secrets of high search engines ranking and search engine optimization. Gain immediate access to all our articles, step-by-step instructions, our private discussion group and more. Click on the words Search Engines above for details.
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About Search Engine University.

This is the Web site Beginners and old Pros alike rely on to help them acheive top Search Engine rankings.

Now you can learn how to consistently have top search engine rankings once and for all.

Where does all of this wealth of knowledge and information come from?

Our editor is Jerry Minchey. He writes and/or reviews every article and personally responds to comments and questions in the Discussion Group.

Jerry has a BS degree in electrical engineering. He also has his MBA degree from USC and a degree from Harvard. He has years of experience as a lecturer, trainer and search engine consultant.

More important, he has an impressive list of #1 Search Engine rankings for his clients and on his own Web sites that any Search Engine guru would envy. I don't think you will find anyone else in the Search Engine consulting and/or training profession with this degree of knowledge, training and hands-on experience.

Jerry is able to provide you information and insight from a unique perspective - that of someone who is actually doing what others just talk about.

He spends hours a day reading, writing, attending conferences and testing search engine optimization techniques. (He has many Web sites he does this testing on.) His advice is based on real tests.

Then he condenses all of this information down to short, detailed, informataive and in-depth articles that make you a search engine optimizing expert.

All you have to do is pour your favorite refreshment, sit back and enjoy becoming a search engine expert.

What you won't find:

This is not a 'get rich quick' or 'business opportunity' site. You will not find that kind of stuff here. You also won't find:

  • Endless pop-up windows asking you to subscribe.
  • Promises of instant wealth and riches.
  • Suggestions that MLM or spam are anything but trouble.
  • Unending promotions designed to continually get money from you.
  • A mentor program (if you need a mentor, expect to pay thousands of dollars a year)!

What you will find is:

A subscription to Search Engine U gets you instant access to:

  • Several new articles on Search Engine optimization every week. Search engines change their rules all the time. You have to know the latest techniques if you want to rank at the top of all the major search engines.
  • Every back article published on Search Engine University. These inside secrets are worth their weight in gold.
  • Downloadable search engine optimization tools.
  • Search Engines Optimization Discussion Group, moderated by Jerry. Be part of the family. Get your questions answered. Share your successes and problems. Your comments and questions are always welcome.
  • Real-life examples of search engine successes that you can use on your site.
  • Tutorials with step-by-step procedures.
  • And much more!

Subscribe today and get all this and more. Just $24.95 for a 3-month subscription.

Join now using our secure online order form.

Let your friends wonder how you became a search engine expert and how you always have your Web sites ranked at the top.

Subscribing gives you immediate access to all the resources in the "Members Only" Subscribers Area described above.

We offer two subscription options

  • One-year subscription ..................................... $84.95
  • Three-month automatic renewal subscription ..... $24.95

You can subscribe to either option by using our Secure online order form. This will give you immediate access to the full site. (You can also subscribe using a check or money order.)

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Feel free to use our speedy contact form.

Click here if you want to go back to the HOME page and see more articles on Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

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Now back to information about Search Engines and this site.


"With the information on this site I am now able to help my clients with their search engine optimization. This could soon become the most profitable part of my business."
-- Steve Rosseland
Hardeeville, SC
Computer consultant and program trouble shooter.

"The article you recently posted on Google was great. It helped clear up a few different questions I was wondering about. Nice job."
-- Tim Kerber
Hampton, NH
Publisher of the popular, "www.

"I didn't understand search engines. Now I'm redesigning my websites and quickly seeing the results of my changes. I look forward to your new articles every few days."
-- Russ Roberts
Photographer and Entrepreneur
Gallatin, TN.

More High Rankings for Financial Success Information available to you when you become a member of this Member's Only private site:

• Free Tools you Need for Search Engines.

• Keyword Selection Techniques.

• Link Popularity and Link Reputation.

• High Rankings Simplified.

• Information for both Beginners and Pros.

• Inside Informatin for all Internet Search Engines.

• Search Engine Tutorials.

• Optimization Techniques Revealed.

• Beginners Guide to Search Engines.

• Glossary of Search Engine Terms.

• Search Engines Simplified.

• And a whole lot more!

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